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Business Classes at UVSC Community Education

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Business Classes

Business Planning Demystified

This hands-on course will help entrepreneurs to write a business plan they can use to raise funds, organize their business, and prepare for future growth. Business plans help entrepreneurs communicate about their business to employees and investors alike. The class will include time to work on your business plan with an experienced entrepreneur who has written many business plans.

Week 1 – Business Plans for Beginners
Week 2 – Technical: What does my business do?
Week 3 – Marketing: Customers and Competition
Week 4 – Financial Statements
Week 5 – Human Resources
Week 6 – Executive Summary

Classes will be 2 hours per night. Fee $50.00

Not Being Offered This Semester - Sorry :(

How To Start a New Business

You have a business idea and want to know if it's feasible.This class teaches entrepreneurs how to identify, evaluate, and exploit feasible business ideas.We also will focus on the Technical, Marketing, Financial, Legal and Human Resource issues that you need to consider.At the end of this class you will be able to determine if you have the assets in place to develop a successful business.

Week 1 – Determining Entrepreneurial Strengths and Weaknesses
Week 2 – Technical Feasibility
Week 3 – Marketing. What is it and how do I know if it is working?
Week 4 – Financial Forecasts
Week 5 – Human Resources Questions and Concerns
Week 6 – Putting it all Together

Classes will be 2 hours per night. Begins January 29, 2008. Fee $55.00


Internet for Small Businesses Owners

The Internet is the great equalizer for businesses. It can also be a challenge to understand. We will cover subjects like affiliate marketing, email usage, search engine optimization, e-commerce, website design, website management, blogging and selling. If you have ever wondered how it all fits together, this course will give you the answers and help you to develop your own business website.

Week 1 – How does it all fit together?
Week 2 – Finding information on the Internet
Week 3 – Website Design
Week 4 – Affiliate Marketing and Blogging
Week 5 – Search Engine Optimization
Week 6 – E-Commerce

Classes will be 2 hours per night. Begins March 11, 2008. Fee $59.00


"The content of John Gilbert's course on Internet Market Research was groundbreaking for many of those entrepreneurs in attendance at the course he taught for the Small Business Development Center. It was evident that John had spent a great deal of time gathering in-depth information about online resources and tools, yet he was able to condense it into a concise, robust and easy-to-implement presentation. Excellent information and presentation!"
---Shauna Theobald, former regional director, Small Business Development Center

Running a Business (Instead of It Running You)

Have you ever wished you knew how to run your own business so you could take a vacation? Perhaps you think you should be making more money, but can't figure out why there isn't anything in the bank. This class will focus on some of the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs face. Employees will discover how managers make decisions. By the end of this class, you should be able to discover and fix the bottlenecks in your business and rediscover the joys of being an entrepreneur.

Week 1 – The Mystery of Operations Management
Week 2 – Customer Service
Week 3 – Publicity & Public Relations
Week 4 – Family, Home & Business
Week 5 – Financial Management for Entrepreneurs
Week 6 – Managing Employees in a Small Business

Classes will be 2 hours per night. Begins November 7, 2007. Fee $55.00

Not Being Offered This Semester - Sorry :(

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurs need to understand their customers in order to realize sales. This course will cover a two step process for reaching customers. The first step is market research which allows the business to identify the niche best served by the customer. The second step requires establishing a marketing campaign geared towards the identified customers. Understanding the continuous process involved in marketing allows entrepreneurs to increase sales in the most effective manner possible.

Classes will be 2 hours per night. Begins March 20, 2008. Fee $59.00